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Music School

Our studio is an inspiring, creative environment for students of all ages and backgrounds to challenge the limits of their abilities, and broaden their personal horizons. Using traditional and alternative approaches to teaching, students will find themselves thinking about music in a fresh and exciting way.

  • Music studio in the Mile-ex
  • Music lessons
  • Rehearsal hall
  • Recitals
  • Chamber ensemble


Learning an instrument is a powerful and practical way to reduce stress, express feelings and have an artistic outlet. While developing mental and physical benefits that help us succeed in future endeavours, loving what we do will inherently support our ambitions and goals in a positive way.

I love my piano lessons. Even after a long day at school I’m always happy and excited to learn new scales and songs with Justin!

- Mina

When i play, the vibrations of the strings bring me closer to the music and its the best feeling ever!

- Una Piercy

Through Cello lessons with Tyr Jami I am re-discovering a part of my life that I was missing for years. Nobody is too old to face this wonderful challenge . Tyr knows how to guide everyone through the multiple pathways that music offers. Pure joy!

- José Luis Martinez, MD

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