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Tyr Jami

Cello teacher

Tyr Jami has been teaching cello for over fifteen years to people of all ages and levels. Graduated with a BFA in Music Performance from Concordia University (2011) with distinction, and a music diploma from VCC Music (2005) she has toured the world (Europe, Australia, and North America) performing original songs and compositions since 1999. She loves teaching and sharing her artistic and creative experience with her students through the cello.


Justin Guzzwell

Piano teacher

Justin Guzzwell has been immersed in performing, composing and teaching for over fifteen years. With a Bachelor in Music Theory and Composition from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2011), and an active role in the Montreal music scene, he makes learning the piano fun and accessible to anyone who is interested in making this beautiful and timeless instrument a part of their lives.