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I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, so I picked piano because I would eventually like to compose. Boy was I in over my head, but Justin is very patient and makes piano fun. I can see myself getting better, and I appreciate him as a piano teacher

- Zaid

Tyr is a phenomenal teacher, simply put, and one that I am so proud to have guided me into the world of cello. She knows when to push you, when to give you a helping hand, and when to let a revelation come after hours of practice. Above all, Tyr teaches a wholehearted and unending love for the cello. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t taken up this beautiful instrument.

- Vedis

I always thought the cello was a beautiful instrument, but little did I know how hard it is to learn! Luckily I found Tyr. She is a very patient and kind teacher with a creative approach, who really believes in and challenges her students. It has been a life-changing experience. Not only did I learn how to play the cello, I also found a community of other musicians. Thank you Tyr :)

- Alana Coates

I decided to start learning the cello in my late twenties and consider it one of my best decisions in the last ten years. Tyr has been an excellent and accommodating teacher who challenges in all the right ways to ensure I'm always learning!

- Tom Olivier Martin

Justin is a pleasure to work with. He's accompanying me (an adult piano learner with an RCM degree) to explore new approaches, getting off the page into lead sheets, chords, rhythm variations, composition and much more. I'm happy with what's getting under my fingers. Delighted that we're connected!'

- Robert

"I love my piano lessons with Justin, he helps me learn a lot of songs that I didn't think I could play."

- Youssef

Justin has been a tremendous help in my quest to discover and explore the piano. He is a great source of advice and motivation, he’s always been very flexible and dedicated.

- Geneviève

I started taking cello lessons with Tyr in 2009, at a turning point in my life. I find her teaching inspiring and artistically challenging. Our weekly encounters bring me joy and laughter while sharing the most pleasant gift for the soul that is music.

- Catherine

My lessons with Justin have not only allowed me to learn how to play an instrument, but also to better understand music as a whole. Each lesson brings me a little more knowledge, and the possibility to improve.

- Anne-Louise